2016-17 Partnerships

Here are current examples of school-university partnerships for the 2016-17 school year.

Niner Clinical Immersion School (NCIS) - Teacher candidates in the Graduate Certificate in Teaching Program participate in intensive clincal experiences each semester. 

Elementary Education Clinical Experiences- Teacher candiddates in the undergraduate Elementary Education program participate in intensive clinical experiences, which include tutoring students in mathematics with the HEART Organization during the Foundations block as sophomores or juniors. Also as juniors candidates complete intensive experiences in schools during the Integrated Methods Block.

Year-long student teaching experience- Teacher candidates in all undergraduate programs complete a year-long student teaching experience in partner schools. During the first semester canddiates spend at least 1 full day a week in schools teaching, supporting their cooperating/clinical teacher, and completing classroom-based assignments for their courses. During the final semester, candidates complete a full-time student teaching experience, in which they are in the school full-time all semester. Further, all candidates teach full-time for at least 20 consecutive days.